Friday, 26 February 2016

How to make a miniature dessert from polymer clay for BJD MSD doll or for american girl scale doll

Fancy a sweet chocolate box for your MSD dolly?

 If you are keen to have a go and make this easy dessert from clay please check out my video how to:

This is an easy project for beginners in polymer clay. All you need is clay in 4 colours (brown, vanilla, green and red), square cutter (2cm) or just a square paper pattern, blade, texture sheet (if not, then do it manually with a dotting tool), liquid clay, rolling pin or pasta machine.

I have used fimo soft and premo sculpey. Liquid clay was Fimo gel. 
Gloss with any polyurethane varnish.

The model is Resinsoul MSD size doll Rong

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to make 3 tier cupcake stand for dolls. BJD MSD size 1/4 or for american girl

How to make 3 tier cupcake stand for your doll. 
Nice as a photography prop.

For this project you will need


-bamboo skewer 


-carving tool or thick needle 

-tacky glue (for the cardboard) and all purpose glue (or E-6000 instead of all purpose one for the beads). Do not use hot glue as it does not "soak" the cardboard well enough to keep the bond strong for long. 




 Here we go:

In action with MSD size ball jointed doll: 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Miniature cakes, donuts and cookies for MSD BJD dolls from polymer clay

I am spending my hols at home making miniatures for BJDs from polymer clay. It was long since I have touched my favourite modelling media and I've even missed dried fingers and achy hands after kneading the clay. I am happy, I am content when I am "claying":)

Cupcakes are about 2 cm tall depending on the design. I will eventually list these on etsy...

Saturday, 20 February 2016

ResinSoul dragon BJD boy Sui in red

Man in red

I have purchased Sui a while ago, but I simply did not have time to do anything with him. Once I was even considering to sell him, but luckily I have decided against it and I took my time with my gorgeous fantasy dragon man. He is a stunning fella really, his sculpt is so different, but I think his features do not transfer well to the camera. I have blushed his whole body (very subtle brushing) and made an outfit, so at least he does not stand naked ( :P ::)) in front of my other dolls. I have paired him with ResinSoul Rong for now, but he is waiting for another (resin) soul mate that will hopefully arrive in a month time. All my adult dolls are paired (couples) and all are heterosexual :D That's just my preference in my little world where I am the GOD lol

Yeah, I do not think they get on very well :) :(