Sunday, 18 March 2012

Jumping clay review

I know it has been awhile since i updated my blog. Forgive me :)

Though to make it up to you i am reviewing a Jumping clay today or to be precise "Jum Ping clay" - magical modelling material. Indeed!

So, what is so special about this clay?

Well, first of all i think the potential this clay can offer to miniaturists and to decoden makers is enormous.

It is EXTREMELY light, non sticky, water resistant, does not colour your hands and when dries it absolutely feather like, and plus it does not shrink. 

Lightweigh as you would not believe.

I bought a 6 (i think) pack box at the 'Range' store (the one at Longwater Lane, Cosstessey) for about £4. Each tub is around 150 ml. Obviously the weight of the actual clay was much much less.

It is air dry clay, not ordinary earth clay though. It looks like a japanese resin clay, but with extra soft and airy texture.

Believe me or not it was an impulse buy and the packaging was definitely targeted to children
So it says on the box "5+".

When i first opened it i thought ...."nice box". My impression has changed dramatically when i start "claying" with this medium.

 Very soft and stretchy, though firm enough to take am impression. I made some molds with it and it is very hard with the slight bent to it. 

As i said the clay is not sticky, but it sticks to itself like mad. Also it does stick to its own hardened kind. When i tried to mold the raw clay and inserted it to the hardened mold - i was not able to remove the piece afterwards, so i have to bin the mold!! Thus be careful. But i think if you decide to make molds from it and use to mold ordinary polymer clay then you will be fine.

The clay does not stick to the silicone molds (relieved) and i was pleased with the outcome of these hearts:

After the piece has hardened i still can bend the handle on the miniature kettle without leaving any marks:

Well, i left the negative side of this clay to the very end.

When i opened the package i had to chuck out red and white clays, because they have hardened inside their tubs! And when i opened the green tub of clay today i found the rock hard piece:

 It is like a hard foam and believe me you will not be able to revive it. Dead!

What a shame. I was thinking of making more sweet hearts ))

So, be aware, that sealed tub is not a guarantee of the usable product.

Enjoy your clay.

P.S. i have not tested it for "jumpness"