Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fantasy Demon-warrior polymer clay figurine 1/12 scale

Continuing with the fantasy figures here is another creation of mine: 

He is 1/12 dolls house scale and completely made from polymer clay. Also he is a complete figurine, means that he has got all associated with the men bits and bobs lol
Though due to possibility that children can browse my blog I will not display my warrior undressed.

It took me 3 full days to complete him. And I think I have to work harder to improve my sculpting skills :(

His attire (apart from the boots) is made from real leather. The shield is also made from polymer clay with the cardboard base in order to make the structure stronger.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


URO clay is produced in the UK by "Newclay products" and relatively new on the craft market.
I wanted to try URO clay for some months now and finally have ordered 5 different colours to try: white, violet, magnolia, pink and orange.
I have paid £8 including postage for 5 X65g “bricks” of clay. But if you buy more packs you can get each brick as low as £1.35. There is a good choice of colours as well.

Packaging: plastic, similar to the more popular polymer clay brands, though it is very plain, as you can see, but who cares? I do not. What I did not like is that there is no colour/tone identification on the “brick”, but again it is not something that is able to turn me off URO.
Now, the most important bit is coming: physical appearance, performance and pliability. 

Smell: err… the smell reminded me my childhood. URO smells of plasticine, not overly strong at all. And to be honest – I like it.

The feel: Right! I was rather taken aback when I have opened the package and tear a piece. It looked “crumbl-ish”, but when I worked it out with my hands the crumbling disappeared and I was pleased with the texture of clay. What it feels like? Have you tried KATO polymer clay before? If yes, then it is very similar: stiff to knead, does not leave colour residue on hands and workable the same time. Very “sturdy” clay, keeps the shape well, not excessively responsive to the heat of the hands, thus it is difficult to smooth the seams out.

Actually, coming back to clay is being brittle before kneading: the texture is perfect for ice cream and insides of a cake. 

Colours: colours are lovely and do not fade once cured.
Personally I would name the URO colours that I’ve got as:
Magnolia = vanilla ice-cream
Pink = pink icing on the bun
Violet = “violets”
Orange = Halloween. Orange is a gorgeous bright pumpkin colour. I was immediately inspired to quickly model 2 pumpkins. 

I have not opened the white URO; I guess it is just white lol

Curing process: Though FIMO these days can be cured at 110C, URO as per instruction requires 130C. When I was baking it the smell of plasticine was a bit stronger, but not annoying.

Baked pieces
Please note that i have brushed some glitter to the gummy bears, aliens and middle of the cookie before baking

-          You need to have strong hands or pasta machine to condition URO properly
-          Clay keeps the shape very well and will be perfect for making canes and jewellery
-          Takes texture well, but at the same time difficult to smooth the seams out
-          Does not leave colour residue on hands – big bonus!
-          Colours do not fade after baking
-          Easily mixed with other colours and other clay brands
-       There is no traslucent in URO range - may be one day

      -          Clay is not very tacky but pieces can be attached to each other effortlessly

I hope this review will help you to make a wise choice depending on your craft needs.

I will definitely use URO clay for making miniatures.

I bought URO clay from here:

Also I think you can find it on Ebay, but it is more costly there.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Spooky dollhouse 1/12 scale for sale at Etsy

 I completed the following project couple of months ago, just got the time to put the pictures out:

The table is handmade from soft wood and stained with the non-toxic wood dye.
I think i got the scale right :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

How to...kawaii cream cake from clay

How to make a cream cake (VERY EASY)

For this project you will need:
-white polymer clay
-pasta machine or roller
-crinkled square cookie cutter
-texture ‘Makins’ sheet ‘Checks’
-faux cream or white calk/silicone (from DIY store)
-icing nozzle
-red glass bead
-other findings, depending on how you are going to assemble the finished product

1. Run a piece of white clay through a pasta machine on the thickest setting

2. Usually ‘Makin’s brand’ clay texture sheet is coming as a set of four sheets. We are going to use the ‘Checks’ from set “B”.

3. Position a flat piece of clay on the sheet and run it though pasta machine again. If you do not have a pasta machine, then just place the textured sheet on clay and press with the roller, or even hands.
If you clay is sticky, brush on some corn flour to the sheet for an easy release. Some people use water, however I do not advise using it, as cracks in clay can occur during baking.

4. Here is our sheet of clay to do with it as we please. Oops, I meant to carry on with our project.

5. It is the time to take your crinkled cookie cutter and make a use of it.

6. Cut the square in half with the same cookie cutter and bake on ceramic tile or on a piece of cardboard as per clay manufacturer instruction

7. Once two pieces have cooled down take a tube with the calk or silicone, put the nozzle on and squeeze, filling in between the pieces as shown. The process can be a bit messy.

8. And now you can decorate it with the ‘cherry’ bead.  Easy! Let it dry over night. And do not forget to insert a hook (before the silicone dries out) if you wish the cake to be a charm.

 Thank you for following...

Monday, 16 May 2011

I have been very busy with my studies, but found a couple of hours for my hobby.
Yesterday i have made a stempunk alien. To be totally honest, in the begining it was not an alien, but a little devil. Strange transition :D  This alien is unique and i have not taken the photo of the back but the spine is all covered in watch parts. Very "pretty".

And the second creation was not related to clay:

I am rubbish with the wood, and that is why i was surprised that i have managed to build an old fashioned AGA stove. This is supposed to be a 1/12 dolhouse miniature, but i think the scale is wrong or may be i am imagining AGA to be taller.