Saturday, 29 January 2011

New tutorial St. valentine's day gift

Kawaii valentine heart plate and mug ring or necklace from polymer clay

Materials needed:
Polymer clay
Crinkled cookie cutter heart shaped
Plain cookie cutter heart shaped
Heart embellishment (for cards)
Acrylic paint
Pasta machine or roller

Start with rolling clay through the pasta machine on the middle setting.

Use crinkled cookie to cut the heart out.

Use plain heart cookie cuter to identify the folding lines. Do not press too hard

Leave the plain cutter in and bend the edges to create the plate. Make a hole on the top of the plate if you would like to create a necklace.

Before baking the plate please refer to my other tutorial how to make a cup. Use that instruction to make a mug.
Bake plate and mug as per your chosen polymer clay brand instruction. Leave it to cool.

Paint the plate and the mug. 

Glue the heart embellishment to the inside of the mug.


Now it is ready to be a pendant or glued to the ring base.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Fantasy dollhouse 1/12 scale slave-queen

 'Far far away in another galaxy there was a very beautiful planet being invaded by evil aliens. The queen of the planet was enslaved together with all her loyal servants...'

The girl is 1/12 ooak scale dollhouse figurine. She is made completely out of polymer clay, apart from the leather collar and, obviously, some steampunk and chain enchantments. It took me about 3 days to complete this project.

I would like to point out, that if you think she is dressed inappropriately then you are imagining too much lol

Monday, 3 January 2011

Make and bake hobbycraft shop own polymer clay brand. Review

At last! Hobbycraft shop has opened its doors to the crafters in Norwich! I was there couple of days after of official opening to avoid the crowd. I was delighted at first and taken aback slightly, as some products were not really 'fresh'. I mean, for example, puff paint was dry. At first i thought that the shop was pricy, but when i  came back home and googled each product from my receipt - everything was cheaper in the shop than on-line, apart from POLYMER CLAY and TOOLS!! How unfair!
Anyway, i try refrain myself from complaining at this point and quickly tell you about newly found 'Make and bake' Hobbycraft own polymer clay brand.

When I have opened the package and "broke" the block of clay my first impression was: 'Its "Creall-therm' polymer clay texture and feeling.

For those who is not familiar with old “Creall-therm” I will go into details. ‘Make and bake’ clay is hard to knead, very crumbly, lumpy, colors are terrible, plus original price was £1.99 for 58 gramms, whilst for that price you can buy smooth and firm Premo Sculpey. And by looking at the package i assumed it was designed for children. I am not sure whether a child will be able to knead "that".

After curing the piece of clay is loosing its brightness and look like it has got some ‘bumps’ on the surface. Brrrrr….

Therefore - there is plenty of room for improvement. But I do not think that this will happen though in regards to 'Make and bake' polymer clay.