Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Customised Chicaloca Hujoo BJD MSD doll. Lolita style.

Face up-ed my Chicaloca (Hujoo ABS MSD) girl today, applied very basic make up eyes wise, as eyes are already exaggerated, but made accent on the lips (hello lip liner, hello 80-s). Blushed her hands and nails (her hands are not very pretty). I am pleased that this horrific parabox wig that no my other BJD can wear (as they look absolutely ridiculous) fits perfectly and suit Chicaloca. 

Chicaloca has now been sold. I am still in love with her ways but she does not fit into my collection. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Furniture for BJD dolls MSD size handmade from recycled materials

I have recycled a big stash of cardboard and crafted MSD size furniture and sculpted accessories for the table. The project has not been totally completed yet, as I got very busy with my new ragdoll kitten.

Obitsu MSD and DollLove male MSD doll

Souldoll Lester is a tall MSD doll (52 cm tall), but I think this furniture is still ok for him.

I think my next step is to recycle wooden play blocks I have purchased from charity shop.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

3D printed kitten and Iplehouse puppy BJD dolls

These adorable BJD pets (4.5 cm tall) are simply amazing. Kitten pose-ability is outstanding and magnetic face plates are so easy to change. Iplehouse puppy is slightly more limited in movements, but still offers great pose opportunity for photography. Iplehouse puppy has got a magnetic tale, his "face up" is generic by the company. Both of these BJD pets are full of character and are suitable for 2 scales as pets: YoSD and MSD.

With MSD girls:

With Obitsu 1/6 girl:

The puppy can stand like this by using his tail, whereas the kitten can do it tail free. Kitten has got excellent pose-ability "skills"!

With MSD again: