Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Obitsu doll Nurse vintage style uniform

I cannot vouch that my creation is 100% historically accurate, but I have researched a number of WWII pictures and came up with this uniform. Due to the scale (my obitsu is 25 cm tall) I have struggled with finishing off some tiny seams and end up sewing a few parts by hand. Her under-dress was made from an old t-shirt. The apron and nurse's cap seem easy to make, but believe me I have struggled with them the most. I did not have any patterns and created the outfit from scratch. It took me about 7 evenings and a few swearing words to complete the outfit.

Please forgive her make up - her face up was intended for another character.

ResinSoul BJD doll Ya and her :)

He is 1/4 BJD doll (~52 cm tall). Wearing wool wig, has not ordered anything else for him. I am planning to make him clothes for the next photoshoot.

Ya doll is ~42 cm tall. This is not her normal wig and I can't say that I like it.

Well, seems like they like each other :)



His clothes and character are in the pipeline of my creativity.