Saturday, 2 September 2017

Medieval BJD doll diorama. Getting there.

Well, my insufferable medieval diorama is almost there, though still need to fill it in with furniture and props. Obviously, I had to do a trial run with a couple of my BJDs from the Souldoll (Fairy story Paw (52 cm tall and Yeon Bee (42cm tall).

The base for the diorama walls is foam board, I have glued every single cardboard "stone" on the walls for texture. The fireplace is made from layers and layers of card board. The fireplace "insert" actually are gravel from my yard.

The diorama is "mobile" and walls can be swapped.

Patterns for the windows were harvested from my gothic/medieval chair tutorial (just used the back part of the chair).




The spinning wheel was a complete bargain from the eBay (originally was a room thermometer!)

The brass miniatures were bought for £1 from a car boot.


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Beware of the BJD doll UK seller on eBay

This is a very unusual post for me, but I am really upset with the fact that the eBay lets some sellers to come out "clean" out of the not very pleasant transaction.

To cut the story short the UK based seller under the nickname "99priceless72" (she also known as Freakout Fairy in the BJD community)


was selling SD size doll. Here is her description (click on the picture to make it bigger):

So, as you can clearly see she states that the doll's body in "as new" condition.

Here is what I have received:

Yellow stain that continues inside the socket. This came off with some damage to the resin.

                           Old staining that would not come off with the
                          magic eraser. Still faint marks after I've used acetone on it.

Permanent glue (not residue from the hot glue gun!!)
Has to be sanded down!

I am sorry to say that this is not "AS NEW" condition. The problem was that whilst I was waiting for seller to respond I have already started cleaning the doll and unstrung her, as she was painfully tight, so her feet was continuously snapping to tiptoe position.

The sellers response was:

Hello, I'm sorry you don't find the doll's body to your satisfaction. I honestly can't see much in those pictures. The doll is not new, obviously. There's a small scuff on the inside of her socket which I did not see, but She IS second hand, I did clean her before I sent her, I certainly didn't see any "nasty" stain. I do not generally go into the sockets of BJDs unless unstringing them.
I would certainly have provided pictures of the body if you had asked to see some. I thought she sold for a very fair price, and I still stand by the body being in excellent condition. I really don't know what else to say about this..? 
Please feel free to send her back and I will give you a full refund,
Kind Regards, Jodie.

AS I said I would have returned the doll, but I made the mistake of starting working on it, so I could not really do anything or go through the eBay or PayPal. So as angry as I was I have left her negative feedback stating that the doll was not as described.

And today I found that her negative feedback has miraculously disappeared. Thus I am writing this post to warn you about the fact that 100% feedback is not always truthful. Plus, do not repeat my mistake - do not touch the doll if you are not happy with it and wait for the seller's response, then you have a chance to get your money back.

Thank you

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Animated BJD doll faces made easy

These days technology is getting fancy.  I still remember the Polaroid camera and the pure joy of getting a picture there and then. Now I hardly even print pictures and entrust my memories to digital photo albums. 

But, hey, what am I am on about? Ah, yes, how to make your ball jointed doll smile?Well, it is extremely easy! (thanks to the technological advances). Literally press of a button.

Please note, that I do not advertise any services, I am not paid to do so (my hourly rate is on expensive side :D


A wink for you!


And here is the link to have fun with your doll's pictures:

Sunday, 18 June 2017

How to make medieval Gothic chair or throne for MSD BJD doll

I was mulling over the idea of medieval/gothic furniture for my BJD dolls. I like the style but could not find anything to my taste to buy, thus I have decided to make it with a 5mm foam board.

I have never worked with the wood before (apart from Balsa wood), but I have made miniature furniture with the foam board in the past and rather successfully. The reason why I could not use the Balsa wood for this project is that I could not find the right width and length to fit the extended back for the medieval chair.

Anyways, the original template was taken from a human version of the chair and here is a link to it:

And my adjusted/adapted to BJD template can be seen below. Please note it is not to scale and you have to build the pattern yourself using the measurements I gave on the picture or you can resize on the PC the original template and make the necessary adjustments.

My template is for 40-45cm tall BJD doll (MSD, 1/4 scale)

YouTube tutorial is available here:

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to make a backpack for BJD or other dolls

Easy fun project. Suitable for beginners.

No sewing machine is required. Hand stitches would look more realistic.

Video demonstration is available here

Pattern of the backpack (rucksack)

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Resinsoul Lu with custom ears and face up. Short motion picture. Резинсоул кукла БЖД Лу

My latest arrival from Resinsoul Lu - MSD size ball jointed doll. She was a special order, i.e. human ears instead of huge ears as in its original sculpt. I have paid only $10 extra for swapping the ears. Also Resinsoul was able to fulfill my custom face up for extra $25.

Lu's head is smaller than other MSD size heads. She is really unique sculpt and I am very happy the way she turned out. If you are interested to see her box opening and quick comparison with the other MSD resinsoul please watch this video:

I have ordered Lu in single jointed body. On her arrival I have hot glue sueded her, re-strung and "wired". She poses now better than my other double jointed bodies.

Here is a very short motion picture featuring my Lu:


Here she is in handmade wig:

Lu with other MSD size doll (artist made head Lazuli)

New wig for Resinsoul Rong

Lately I am enjoying making my own wigs for my BJDs dolls. At least I can style them to my liking.

My latest suri alpaca wig for Resinsoul Rong.

Here she represents Goddess Tara - Goddess of Slav-Aryan race, she protects nature, forests and fields. She is the youngest daughter of Perun and sister of Tarkh God (Dazhdbog).