Sunday, 6 December 2015

3D printed BJD doll creature

Here is a short story about the mother of the dragons monster (no, its definitely not the game of thrones  ;D)

Anyhow, the creature is a bjd 3D printed doll. I have bought the disassembled kit (in colour red) from the Etsy artist (DollArtbyJulie). The creature is small (~13cm tall), the mother (obitsu) is MSD size doll (42cm tall). The creature was very easy to paint, but it was difficult to erase mistakes off. I have tried to erase it with a pure acetone and got white marks, so I had to paint these marks with red acrylics  ;D The magic eraser does not work very well on the doll.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Obitsu MSD size arrival and brief comparison to double jointed resinsoul

One of my highly desired dolls arrived today - Obitsu MSD size 42 cm tall. She was ordered directly from Japan (Parabox) and even with the custom charges (£27) she was much cheaper than ordering from the dealers. 

I am an owner of five 1/6 scale obitsu dolls and was very curious whether the bigger version will offer the same posability.

I have ordered 2 heads for this doll and both of them were so easy to attach. I did not need to heat or boil the heads in order to fit them.  

The first impression is positive, especially the magnetic plate (same as for smaller obitsu) gives a doll instant stability, however does not allow a one leg stand pose, like in 1/6 scale. The MSD size obitsu is too heavy for this trick.

I thought a brief comparison between resin BJD and Obitsu would be interesting.

ResinSoul Rong (double-jointed) on the left:

ResinSoul can't lift her head up whilst in this position (perhaps she strung too tightly):

Important thing for me that Obitsu can act as a support for other dolls when I need to pose them together! This is a helpful feature I will be definitely using during photo-shoots.

These two are very different dolls, but I am very pleased to have Obitsu of that size now. I need to find a suitable masculine male candidate for my new arrival... Any suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Handmade medieval outfit for BJD MSD doll Ya (Resinsoul) and Lester (Souldoll)

I have started making these outfits in the beginning of November for a sewing challenge. Then I was sucked up into making the throne for the scene as well. The models are MSD: Lester (Souldoll) and Ya (Resinsoul).
Ya costume is made of white cotton under-dress, jersey fabric overdress and various ribbons. Necklace is handmade from random findings with added plastic rhinestone. The dress has got a small train, but I do not think you can see it.
Lester's outfit consists of: suede effect tunic, handmade buckles (wire was very thick, thus buckles are slightly "wonky"); there is a knife on his left arm fixed with a "leather brace". I've made the knife from air dry clay. Also faux fur was used to add some features to the shoulder and to the right arm brace. Trousers were made from jersey fabric (my old t-shirt). His claw necklace was made from an old earring.
The throne was also handmade and is a separate story :)

Talking about stories - there is a story behind the pictures, but I think I will not disclose it as yet.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Doll nudity ahead. Male BJD doll gets himself a penis

Well, I believe that there is nothing wrong with making a doll realistic. I have always wanted one of these dolls with detachable penises, but usually these dolls do not fit my preferred BJD scale or I just simply do not like their bodies/faces, so I have decided to sculpt a penis ...or two for my MSD and YoSD male dolls.

It was not overly complicated, I've just used my partner as a life model a picture from internet to give me some solid anatomical ideas. I have used polymer clay (FIMO doll). Then I have just added a bit of black wool roving for pubic hair.

So, here is Souldoll Vito Lester in his naked glory. I have attached his new part via a blob of white tack. The colour of the penis is slightly different, but I know that this part of the body usually is darker in comparison to the rest of the body.

And here are two little willies for comparison (the bigger one is obviously for MSD). My partner was adamant that both of them are too big for the scale. Yeah... right.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Anthro ball jointed doll (BJD) Little Minipin Hujoo rabbit face and body blushing

I was made aware that in one of my video's where I was painting my Hujoo cat Freya BJD doll I've missed out a section about the blushing. So, to remedy the situation I have created another video for the actual body blushing for one of my hujoo 1/8 dolls (made from ABS plastic). The rabbit is tiny and it was not easy to blush it.


This is my way of face and body blushing for BJDs and obitsu dolls.
As I have mentioned previously, I use Humbrol 48 Matte acrylic spray varnish for priming and setting. I have employed various soft brushes (quality make up brushes are the best (IMHO), also natural fibres brushes pick the pigment better), soft pastels, sanding paper, melamine sponge, watercolour pencils, water and diluted acrylic paint. Also, I sometimes use damp/wet brush and dry sponge, as I believe it gives better control over the depths of the colours. Please note that this is NOT a teaching video but merely a demonstration of how I bring my dolls to live :) Enjoy!

See you soon!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

How to make Russian style tiara/crown - Kokoshnik for MSD BJD doll

Here is a video tutorial of how I've made Kokoshnik - a Russian style headpiece (tiara or crown). It is entirely up to you how you will finish the piece. I have just demonstrated the way I wanted it to be. There are different techniques to Kokoshnik, for instance, some human size Kokoshniks are decorated in kanzashi technique (folded ribbon). Just let your creativity roll. Enjoy!

Here is the link below to the Kokoshnik pattern. You can adjust the pattern to your doll's head. The current size is for Ya MSD doll (ResinSoul).

MSD Size Kokoshnik pattern click me

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Handmade Russian national dress/costume for MSD Ya ResinSoul doll plus kokoshnik


After 7 evenings of sewing and crafting here is a Russian national costume for my resinsoul 1/4 doll. The headpiece (kokoshnik) took about 4 evening to complete, the underdress is made from the jersey fabric (old t-shirt) and the sarafan (the top dress) is made from the linen (wedding towel).