Friday, 27 November 2015

Obitsu MSD size arrival and brief comparison to double jointed resinsoul

One of my highly desired dolls arrived today - Obitsu MSD size 42 cm tall. She was ordered directly from Japan (Parabox) and even with the custom charges (£27) she was much cheaper than ordering from the dealers. 

I am an owner of five 1/6 scale obitsu dolls and was very curious whether the bigger version will offer the same posability.

I have ordered 2 heads for this doll and both of them were so easy to attach. I did not need to heat or boil the heads in order to fit them.  

The first impression is positive, especially the magnetic plate (same as for smaller obitsu) gives a doll instant stability, however does not allow a one leg stand pose, like in 1/6 scale. The MSD size obitsu is too heavy for this trick.

I thought a brief comparison between resin BJD and Obitsu would be interesting.

ResinSoul Rong (double-jointed) on the left:

ResinSoul can't lift her head up whilst in this position (perhaps she strung too tightly):

Important thing for me that Obitsu can act as a support for other dolls when I need to pose them together! This is a helpful feature I will be definitely using during photo-shoots.

These two are very different dolls, but I am very pleased to have Obitsu of that size now. I need to find a suitable masculine male candidate for my new arrival... Any suggestions welcome.

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