Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Box opening Souldoll Rail Vito MSD BJD doll with the event clothing

Hi folks,

I was waiting for that man for 6 months (instead of 3) and he is here today - Rail  (Vito range) from Souldoll.

Here is his box opening video.

I have noticed that the wig and assembly manual were not included. So, I will contact the responsible party. Seams line have killed me. I did not expect that as there was no option like "sanding service"  offered, so I have assumed that seams would be removed by default...

Otherwise, happy days!

P.S. I have ordered this doll via the UK dealer angelesque. I would NOT use her service again and in future will order directly from the company or via other dealers like Alice's collection who offered excellent customer service to me before. My experience with angelesque was not very good in one of my previous orders as well. I do not want to go deep into details, but I would rate Angelesque customer service as "NIL".