Monday, 20 July 2015

Hujoo Nano Freya new outfit and amended face up

Nano Freya from Hujoo

She is 12 cm tall and she is so cute :P. I have changed her face up slightly, as originally I have painted her whiskers black and she looked like Hitler lol It is much better now I think. I have made the red dress + booties and blue kitty overall outfits for her, though the pullover under the blue overall and white dress were bought from etsy.


Sunday, 5 July 2015

She is a real character my pretty Ya ResinSoul BJD doll

I was looking for a doll that will realise a character from one of my novels and when I first saw Ya doll at ResinSoul site I immediately thought - she will be the one. She is not a beauty, but she is so attractive! A month and a half later I have received the doll, customised her and here she is (as kicky as she can be) - the unfortunate offspring of  a queen and her sins :)

Easy Obitsu doll wig in one hour

I am in love with obitsu dolls, their pose-ability is far superior compare to ordinary BJD dolls (IMHO). I can go on and on about how great the obitsu dolls are, including many ways they can be customised etc, but this post is about an easy way (and cheap too) of making wig for her. It is not always easy to find a suitable non-child like looking wig for obitsu head due to its small size. So, I have purchased a fancy red short wig from poundland (for a £1 obviously), then un-stitched the long strands of hair from the wig cap itself (making sure that the strips of hair are still stitched together). Then I've glued (Glu&Fix all purpose clear glue) them to the wig-cap I've made from fabric, starting from the bottom to the top in circular way. Then I have rolled a long strip of hair into a reel so to create a pony tail which was also glued to the top of the finished wig. After that I have cut the fringe. And it was done. There are many ways of making wigs for dolls and this one took me about an hour to complete.

Here is the finished product:

Big hair day, just the way I like my own hair to be :D