Saturday, 29 January 2011

New tutorial St. valentine's day gift

Kawaii valentine heart plate and mug ring or necklace from polymer clay

Materials needed:
Polymer clay
Crinkled cookie cutter heart shaped
Plain cookie cutter heart shaped
Heart embellishment (for cards)
Acrylic paint
Pasta machine or roller

Start with rolling clay through the pasta machine on the middle setting.

Use crinkled cookie to cut the heart out.

Use plain heart cookie cuter to identify the folding lines. Do not press too hard

Leave the plain cutter in and bend the edges to create the plate. Make a hole on the top of the plate if you would like to create a necklace.

Before baking the plate please refer to my other tutorial how to make a cup. Use that instruction to make a mug.
Bake plate and mug as per your chosen polymer clay brand instruction. Leave it to cool.

Paint the plate and the mug. 

Glue the heart embellishment to the inside of the mug.


Now it is ready to be a pendant or glued to the ring base.


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