Monday, 3 January 2011

Make and bake hobbycraft shop own polymer clay brand. Review

At last! Hobbycraft shop has opened its doors to the crafters in Norwich! I was there couple of days after of official opening to avoid the crowd. I was delighted at first and taken aback slightly, as some products were not really 'fresh'. I mean, for example, puff paint was dry. At first i thought that the shop was pricy, but when i  came back home and googled each product from my receipt - everything was cheaper in the shop than on-line, apart from POLYMER CLAY and TOOLS!! How unfair!
Anyway, i try refrain myself from complaining at this point and quickly tell you about newly found 'Make and bake' Hobbycraft own polymer clay brand.

When I have opened the package and "broke" the block of clay my first impression was: 'Its "Creall-therm' polymer clay texture and feeling.

For those who is not familiar with old “Creall-therm” I will go into details. ‘Make and bake’ clay is hard to knead, very crumbly, lumpy, colors are terrible, plus original price was £1.99 for 58 gramms, whilst for that price you can buy smooth and firm Premo Sculpey. And by looking at the package i assumed it was designed for children. I am not sure whether a child will be able to knead "that".

After curing the piece of clay is loosing its brightness and look like it has got some ‘bumps’ on the surface. Brrrrr….

Therefore - there is plenty of room for improvement. But I do not think that this will happen though in regards to 'Make and bake' polymer clay.

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