Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to make sofa for a ball jointed doll MSD size. Recycled craft project

How to make sofa or large chair for a ball jointed doll MSD size?


You will need:

-An empty tub of Celebrations chocolates
-Stretchy fabric in two contrast colours
-Hot glue gun
-Fabric glue (optional), can still use hot glue gun
-Needle and thread, but with sewing machine the process will be less painful :D
-craft foam
-scrap A4 paper
-4 small plastic lids of the same height (optional)
-acrylic paint (for the sofa legs if using lids)
-wadding or foam or cotton wool

 Link to my video tutorial below:

Some pics of the finished product and my ResinSoul MSD ladies as models together with BJD kitten

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