Saturday, 20 February 2016

ResinSoul dragon BJD boy Sui in red

Man in red

I have purchased Sui a while ago, but I simply did not have time to do anything with him. Once I was even considering to sell him, but luckily I have decided against it and I took my time with my gorgeous fantasy dragon man. He is a stunning fella really, his sculpt is so different, but I think his features do not transfer well to the camera. I have blushed his whole body (very subtle brushing) and made an outfit, so at least he does not stand naked ( :P ::)) in front of my other dolls. I have paired him with ResinSoul Rong for now, but he is waiting for another (resin) soul mate that will hopefully arrive in a month time. All my adult dolls are paired (couples) and all are heterosexual :D That's just my preference in my little world where I am the GOD lol

Yeah, I do not think they get on very well :) :(

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