Friday, 15 May 2015

Anthro ball jointed doll (BJD) Freya face up and body painting - snow leopard


I have received another anthro ball jointed doll (BJD) from the UK supplier this time, though I was rather disappointed about the quality of the received Freya. Her headcap was hardly on because the fixtures were too big, so I had to use a knife to shave the excess of plastic off in order to fit the headcap properly. I was surprised that she was not damaged in transit because she was just shoved in a plastic bag and posted like that to me. I would not order from this supplier again!

Anyway, I've decided to give my new Freya (she is 1/6 bjd) a face up and body up(?) with a bit of a blushing.

Here is the final result: Freya - the snow leopard.

I have primed her whole body with the humbrol acrylic varnish in matt (#49) and painted with black acrylic paints (undiluted). Blushed her cheeks, forehead and body with chalk pastels, sponged her claws with pink paint, sprayed with the same varnish again and it was done. This varnish is brilliant, it is very hard wearing and 2 layers have sealed my work for ever.

Click here for youtube video of me painting Freya

I've decided to show you Phoebe's basic face up I did the other day as well. 

Phoebe has a special place in my heart, she reminds me of my pet rat :D

Her face up is pretty basic, so I will probably add extra details to her face and body.

Thank you for your interest!

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