Friday, 10 April 2015

Please watch my video demonstration of making polymer clay doll using FIMO mold "Lilly"

Some comments about making this doll from the mold:
Hands and feet were ready to be modelled, though I found hands required more attention than feet. The upper body is incomplete. For me it would have been easier to make the whole torso from scratch, but for the purpose of the demonstration I have used the top part of the trunk from the mold.
Bear in mind that the back of the legs, as well, as the back of the top part of the torso required building up, though you can make them 3D whilst clay is still in the mold, but it could be tricky to maintain the correct proportion.
Speaking of which, what I liked about this mold is that the form helped me to keep the proportions right. I usually have problems with it.
I was surprised how detailed the face turned out. I did not do much to it sculpting wise, just inserted the eyes into the sockets, painted the face and glossed. That was it.

One thing about using a mold is that you will need to be very patient and up to date with your clay "smoothing" skills.

Here are some pictures of the completed doll. She is a red head, as I used to be one :D The hair is made from the wool (obtained from HobbyCraft store). The wool was simply glued on to her head.
The dress is made from polymer clay and textured using a texturing sheet.

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