Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bleeeaaahhh Such a disappointing trip to HobbyCraft store (Cambridge)

I do not visit HobbyCraft stote often and usually find craft-y things I need on-line, but I thought after Easter holiday the store is bound to be full of discounts and special offers.

Well, I was naive, even Easter chicks were still marked at full price. Ooo?  I went to the Cambridge store to get some clay, paints, liquid latex, varnish and just for general atmosphere of "hobbiness". I was disillusioned almost immediately. The shelves were bare, I had to fight for black block of clay, I have only managed to get my hand on translucent red Sculpey and 2 blocks of "brakemyfingers" hobbycraft own brand polymer clay (I reviewed this clay previously, you can click here to check it out).

At the checkout I spent 10 minutes (I am not joking), 10 minutes waiting for cashier find a bar code for Sculpey clay and packs of wool! Really? When I asked what's happened to the store, she asked me "what do you mean?" I said that the shelves are all empty, especially clay section, where nothing left apart from a lonely pack of mix quick from Fimo and overpriced acrylic rollers. I would have given her an Oscar for the answer: "Ahhh, it is a high theft section". I wanted to say that it seems like the whole store is a big theft section, but restrained myself, of course :)

Anyway, I am so disappointed, I wanted this trip to make my day and make my crazy busy life a little bit relaxed, but NO...Life is cruel :)

Well, anyway, the rant is over. Here are my bits and bobs I managed to retrieve from the store.

Not much, I know :((

But the good news were: I got my 10% student discount and that pack of acrylic stamps (bird and owl) was only 25p!! And it is their regular price. So, bear this in mind!

Happy crafting, folks and check my youtube videos out for some clay related topics :)

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