Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Lazuli head on MSD Mirodoll new body. BJD Hybrid.

Just sharing with you my latest project. Well, basically, I have bought an MSD size head (Lazuli) from the Etsy seller (artist I presume). The head supposed to be in normal skin, though it was a bit yellow, so I had to order a body from Mirodoll in yellow. The reason I went with Mirodoll is in case the colour would not match, so I would not lose sleep over it. I do not know why but I've had decided to get a  "new" MSD Mirodoll body. To cut the story shot - the body is horrible, the articulation is worse than the old body, the elbow joints are just BALLS. The finish is rough. I had to re-string it straight away; also removed the hands and replaced them. The body got resin bubbles and discoloration. I must say that this is the worse of the quality I have ever came across. I will make a comparison of 2 Mirodoll MSD bodies at some point and you will see what I mean about the articulation. Anyhow, here is my new lady. I like the sculpt, really unusual and could be made into mature male as well. Excuse the face up, I can't stand blank faces, thus this face up was 5 min job. Doing face ups are not my cup of tea in this hobby...

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